What are the Sources of Plant-Based Protein?

More and more people are interested to follow the vegetarian diet rather than consume animal-based products. It is getting easier to consume the plant-based foods for the protein rather than taking the Fish, chicken or many more. A person who is vegetarian can’t follow the non-vegetarian diet frequently. At that moment, you can follow the plant-based protein diet that has required minerals, vitamins. Here is the list of garden of life vitamins easily consumable.


Indeed, Soya products are one of the richest sources of protein. The proteins are divided into different forms when you are consuming the soya. You can consume the soybean curds have 10 grams of protein. You can also take the Soya beans to have 8.5 grams of protein. The Soya contains 15 grams of protein in half a cup. The Tofu Soya paneer has the flavor of the dish is prepared as a versatile audition in a meal. As a meat substitute people can try and Tofu they can add in their favorite soup or sandwich.



Google chickpeas have a huge amount of protein include 7.25 grams. Chickpeas can be eaten cold or hot or it is highly versatile with numerous recipes. For example, you can eat the chickpeas whether card or you can Sprinkle the red Paprika on the board chickpeas. You can also make the chickpeas paste to eat with the sandwich.


What is a plant-based protein? Green or red lentils have a great amount of protein, nutrients, iron or fiber. Lentils are better known as a great source of protein that takes in dinner or lunch routine. You can take the lentils with salad, rice, curries.



Peanuts contain plenty of protein for it has full of healthy fat to improve heart health. It contains 2.5 grams of protein. Peanut butter has a good amount of protein with 8 grams in a tablespoon. You can consume the complete protein snack when you eat the peanut butter sandwiches.


Almonds provide 16.5 grams of protein per half-cup orator also provide a great amount of Vitamin E good for eyes or skin.


It is better known as green or Blue Algae contains 8 grams of protein to tablespoons. It is rich in iron, B vitamin, nutrients or magnesium. You can purchase this online as a powder supplement or add to smoothies, fruit juice or water. Also, you can Sprinkle it over the snacks for a salad to increase the content of protein.


Mycoprotein is a fungus-based protein or contains around 13 grams of protein in a half-cup serving. It is the best substitute rather than consume meat and fish. However, you will be able to remember the egg white is a better substitute.

Chia seeds

Seeds are better known as low-calorie food or have a good amount of fiber is also effective for a healthy heart. Chia seeds have the right amount of protein contain 2g of protein in a per tablespoon. You can add Chia seeds or sprinkle on the yogurt or fruits. You can purchase the Chia seeds from the health food stores, supermarkets or get online.