Purchase Right Size of Trolling Motor for your Boat

Are you planning to get the trolling motor? If yes, then you need to look at several things before buying the motor. There are basically two kinds of motor: One is bow-mount and another one is transom mount motors. It is really important that you consider taking help of the professional experts before making a purchase of the trolling motor. The bow-mounted motors are quite convenient if you want to prevent damage to the boat and it contains dual auxiliary engine. The transom mounts motors which can be adjusted according to heights and certain angles so that the motor can be immersed into water at the right depth. Here are some important features which you should check before getting a trolling motor:

Purchase Right Size of Trolling Motor for your Boat

• Fresh or saltwater motor

There are separate motors made for freshwater and saltwater. The saltwater motors are made to protect from corrosion as they have better seals which can protect electrical and mechanical components properly. When you are planning to get a trolling motor, it is really important that you check its reviews. The trolling motor reviews can help you to take the decision to buy the perfect motor for you.

• Right size

You need to make sure that you get the right side of the motor and the bigger motor will be best if you have got a larger boat. You should consider current, wind and wave action before purchasing the trolling motor.

• Thrust

The trolling motor should be between 72 to 75lb which is equal to 746W or one horsepower. When you will purchase 12V of the motor, then it would draw 60A of current and will consume around 720W. If you will get the motor with a higher voltage, then it will provide higher thrust. The people who want to get the appropriate motor for their boat should make sure that they don’t forget to check trolling motor reviews. In the reviews, you can know all about the motor’s advantage and disadvantage. The customers who have already bought the motor can provide better review than anyone else who hasn’t even used the motor.

Power consumption

• Power consumption

You need to get the right amount of battery capacity for your boat. The energy demands of your trolling motor should be satisfied by the batteries and make sure that you get the battery according to the model of your motor. If you have a large motor, then it will need batteries with higher capacity and vice versa.

• Batteries

The trolling motor makes use of electricity in order to generate power and this electricity comes from the batteries of your boat. You need a battery to start the engine of your boat and you should make sure that you don’t keep the same battery for powering trolling motor and starting boat engine. The reason for it is that a lot of battery is used up when you will do fishing for a whole day and then you might not be able to start the engine because the battery might get drained. So, it would be better if you keep two separate batteries for it. You shouldn’t buy a motor just because it’s affordable but you should check the trolling motor reviews to take the right decision.

• Shaft length

If you want to check the length of the shaft for the boat, then you need to measure the distance from where the deck is mounted on water and then you will add 16” to make an approximate measurement of it. You are advised long shaft operations in the rough water. Steering of the trolling motor can be done with the help of foot, tiller handle, foot pedal or remote control. It depends upon the personal choice of the person. The foot control motors need folding bracket on its bow and it might be difficult for a person to do fishing and control the motor with a foot on another side. If you want to get rid of the biggest problem of coordinating fishing and functioning motor, then you can make sure that you get the motor with auto-pilot features.

Trolling Motor for your Boat

• Advanced features

Not only you can get the amazing basic features in the trolling motor but now you can also get the motor with advanced features. You can get trolling motors with route storage and autopilot capabilities. It can help you to guide towards productive routes and with the help of Bluetooth, you will be able to control all of these functions on your smartphone. You might get the remote control to work with these features.

Now that you have known almost everything about the trolling motor, you can decide to get this motor which is available at reasonable prices. There are no chances that you will regret purchasing this motor because it is available with remarkable features and affordable budget.