Can I Travel With a Green Card And no Passport?

Though you planned a trip to any other country then you need to follow a procedure of arranging some documents to travel there. Really, you need to arrange your passport to travel on there and get a visa to explore that country. Like if you should go for further studies then you have to get a visa or passport to visit another country like the U.S and any other where you could be. But if you don’t have any passport to move on there then possibilities are you can’t go on there easily.

If you belong to the U.S then you need to need passport and visa for how many days you need to travel on there and need to complete a litigation procedure once. You have to get permanent citizenship of that place and after that, you could visit on there easily. Seriously, you can have travel if you don’t have a passport but a reentry permit help you to reach on that place safely.

Can I Travel With a Green Card And no Passport

• Many citizens don’t have a passport and they can’t travel to any other city without having it. If you should not get a passport then having it may be a trouble for a lot of citizens.

• But no need to worry because the law has a solution for everything and you don’t need to face more troubles while traveling. You can apply for a reentry permit and you can travel on with help of your green card. This will help you to travel but you need to face a lot of things like approval of all the papers through law first.

• If you don’t know about reentry agreement then you can see it is a permit of travel document which helps you to travel on that place. An identification page is available in it and many other pages for stamps and visas you can see in it. When a permanent resident can’t have a passport to travel on there then he/she uses reentry agreement instead of this and travel easily.

• There is a number of countries which allow these agreements instead of a passport for traveling to any other country.

• This agreement could be like a passport and visas or all other documents attached to it to identify easily as a passport would be.


• You need to be sure for one thing like where you travel that country will be approved your documents and reentry document to stay on there. Actually, this depends on those country laws where you want to visit.

• But the answer is maybe because where you should travel instead of passport with reentry agreement. You need to check out country would be approved your documents or not.

Seriously, you need to check out these upper listed facts and will see that you can travel to any other country without a passport or not. You can travel on their easily and no more troubles you should face while you could get services of any professional lawyer to get a reentry agreement. So, no need to worry when you should travel there.