Link Cloaking is Vital For Affiliate Marketing and Here Are The Reasons Why

Link Cloaking – if the name sounds a bit illegal or differently negative to you then don’t worry because it is a totally legal and positive process. In fact, it is the method that is very popular in today’s world where affiliate marketing is mandatory for business. In today’s world which is basically full of competition in the market, it’s really tough to set up a competitive business. Here affiliate marketing and link cloaking help each other.

What is Affiliate Marketing

It is the form of technology that is very useful for an online business to set up and attracts traffic on your server. That means you will get more views and as a result, it will drive to more sales and higher commissions. The real issue is the commission issues in the industry where theft is happening almost on a daily basis. Your commission may get stolen or you can steal others.

What is Link Cloaking

What is Link Cloaking

It may seem like affiliate marketing is the place where you have to always worry about getting the commissions or not. But every affiliate marketers, at least 99% of them use a defense mechanism against this stealing malware attack and that is the link cloaking. It is a process that makes the link shorter and helps to hide the affiliating URL, affiliating ID by using an affiliating program. A proper link cloaking software is used to make it happen and available here.

The people who steal the affiliating commissions use malware and spyware for stealing. They steal the URL, the ID and these two are the main weapons to steal the commissions. An affiliating URL contains all of these components but thanks to link cloaking as it disguises the valuable components, makes the links shorter and helps the marketers to get the commission they deserve.

Where Does The Link Go

Now it can be a real question of interest if the link cloaking is making the links shorter then where the actual affiliated link is going? Whenever link cloaking is shorting a link it is creating a different and it’s own server where you can access the original affiliated link. This link is totally protected from the attacks. So using the different server is the key to protect your affiliated link form the attacks or suspicious program. Thus it ensures that the affiliate marketer gets the full 100% commission as a reward of his honest effort.

How Does The Link Cloaking Process Work

How Does The Link Cloaking Process Work

First of all, you are gonna need a proper link cloaking software to use the link cloaking process in the real online world applications.

  • The shorter link that is just created by the link cloaking software is basically a pseudo link that actually doesn’t exist online or in your browser. You will use the real link in a different server where the server is totally secure and safe. The outer world of the server and every other character will only see the pseudo link.
  • When you click on a link which is cloaked, the browser will always ask you for a different server or site recommendation.
  • Next, the browser will show that the site or the server doesn’t exist and it will redirect you to a different webpage. It is a very common process and many people have experienced this so far.
  • Finally, your browser will read the response and then visit the new URL with no interference from you.

That is how the link cloaking works after the affiliated URL gets shortened by the link cloaking software.

link cloaking is a very significant

So it is clear that link cloaking is a very significant, useful, beneficial, and a mandatory process to opt for these days. Now it is proved why the technique has very high importance in affiliate marketing. If you are planning to be an affiliate marketer, make sure to use the link cloaking.