How to Treat Pitted Acne Scars?

Acne and scars are different things; acne treatment is painless, but to treat the scars due to acne is a challenging task.

We tried to forget the acne’s, but scars remind us always for many years and sometimes our whole lives.

More than fifty percent of young people worldwide facing that problem, acne pitted scars look tidy and unfair.

Many people, especially girls, are much worried about acne pitted scars on their face.

There is no need to worry; there are some treatments to treat pitted acne scars and improve your facial skin.

What are the treatments of Acne pitted scars?

What are the treatments of Acne pitted scars

Below are some practical measures that can protect your skin from new acne scars and fade the appearance of spots on your face.

First Method:

The first method we select is microdermabrasion; in this method, the dermatologist uses a handheld device to remove acne scars from the Crystal Secret.

Its treatment depends on scars; if you have deep scars, it will take more repetition of the treatment repeatedly to get the required results.

Second Method:

There is another technique called dermabrasion; in this technique, a fast speed brush is used to remove the scars or reduce the depth of your skin’s spots.

You can give that treatment to your skin for a minimum of three to four weeks to get better outcomes.

Third Method:

Laser technology is also a blessing for treating acne-pitted scars; in this technique, dermatologists use a laser resurfacing treatment to fade or remove a layer of your skin.

With the removal of a layer of skin, you can light the scars’ spots and treat the depth of scars. You may need 10 to 12 days of treatment for proper healing.

Fourth Method:

Another way is chemical peel; the chemical is used to remove the upper layer of skin to get a smoother layer of skin.

Maybe you face redness and peeling after that treatment for a week, but you do not need to worry.

Fifth Method:

In this technique, small tiny needles are used to stimulate the growth of the collagens. It will help you to reduce the acne pitted scars appearance on your skin.

It will also help you improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and stretched marks; in some people, redness for one week after that treatment is expected, but no need to worry.

Sixth Method:

The last skin surgery method is filler; in that technique, acne pitted scars are treated by cutting out these scars. If there a hole witnessed, it will stitch; for this small purpose piece of skin can also use to fill the gap.

If you face bruising after that surgery, then does not worry; it will heal automatically after two weeks.

Final Thoughts:

Acne pitted scars are c among young adults; if we have pitted scars on the skin, it looks terrible and makes us irritated. But no need to irritate; some treatments will help you to get rid of these acne pitted scars.