How can I Update Whatsapp Without Losing Chat?

All apps need updates with time; sometimes, new features are added to make the apps more beneficial and user-friendly. So we need to update the installed app on arriving at new versions of the app.

The same is the case in WhatsApp, we need to update WhatsApp older versions with new versions, and we need an update. But it is also a common problem that most of our data lose during updating when we update the apps.

In WhatsApp, our chat is most important for us, and we do not want to lose our chat, sometimes it is more crucial when you have a business account, and you want to keep your chat with your customers.

Is it possible to update WhatsApp without losing chat? Yes, it is possible and very simple, just read the below article and know about whatsapp gb.

How to update WhatsApp without losing Chat?

How to update WhatsApp without losing Chat

For updating your WhatsApp older version, but without losing your chat, follow these simple steps and update your WhatsApp.

Start with opening the WhatsApp installed on your phone, which you want to update. Go to the settings menu of the app for taking backup of your chats stored on your Whatsapp.

In the settings menu, you will see the “Chats” icon, then “Chat Backup” press that button, after pressing the process of backing up, all of your Whatsapp messages will start. But keep in mind if you want to keep Videos, then; do not forget to select “Include Videos.” Wait until completion of the messages; it will take time according to the size of your chats.

After taking backup, you can go with any of the below processes, which you feel easy.

First Way:

  • Go to Play Store, search for WhatsApp; you will see the update button, instead of download, if you have App on your phone. Just press that button, it will start updating your App, wait till completion of the process and then open the App, you will see your chats are saved.

Second Way

  • Uninstall the App from your phone; just tap the App Icon for a couple of seconds it will show you a message to uninstall; press the button, and uninstall the App.
  • Then again, download the App from Google Play Store, after downloading open the App, it will ask you to enter your number; you should enter the correct number because if your provided phone number is wrong, you cannot activate your App. When you receive a code on your phone number, then verify with your number.
  • After that, you will see the message “Restore Backup” press it, and wait for completing the restoring process. The time for that process depends on the size of your data.
  • After completing the process, check your messages; all messages will be saved in your chats.

Final Thoughts: WhatsApp has become one of the most using phone App in the world. People are using WhatsApp for personal and business purposes. With time new updates come, which needs to update the WhatsApp versions. But there is a risk you may lose your important chat, but if you follow the above simple ways, you will never lose your WhatsApp chat during update.