Why is my Gmail not Showing Attachments?

On the last day, one of my colleagues sends me an e-mail after completing work. After receiving the e-mail, I opened the e-mail, but there was no attachment. I called him that he did not attach the file with his mail.

But he says he attached the file before sending it, but I did not believe that file is attached; maybe he is lying. I was shocked when I saw the screenshot of that e-mail from his sent item; there was an attachment with mail but not in my Gmail.

I asked him to resend the e-mail, he tried many times, but I never get the attachment. I become irritating; why it’s happening to me? Then I do research to find why my Gmail is not showing attachments.

Why Gmail does not show attachments when you are using Gmail at the computer?

Why Gmail does not show attachments when you are using Gmail at the computer

There are many reasons for Gmail not showing attachments; some of them are given below.

  • One of the primary reasons for not showing attachment is when your sender does not attach the files with e-mails. Sometimes a sender forwards the old e-mail, then the attachment does not include in the e-mail, but he did not notice.
  • It is better to ask the sender to check or make it a habit to attach a file whenever forward the e-mail.
  • Another popular reason for not showing Gmail attachments is when the sender set their e-mails as confidential and apply restrictions on attachments.

When does the attachment not download or open?

  • There could be the following reasons when you see the attachment but cannot download or open the file.
  • Maybe you are logged in with an unsupported web browser.
  • You should remove the extensions from your browser, sometimes due to the extensions system not allows Gmail to download or open attachments.
  • Your browser caches and cookies may also one of the reasons for not showing attachments. It is good to clear cookies and caches of your browser site.

Why can I not open or download attachments in Gmail when using android?

What to do when you cannot download attachments and see warning messages

When you are using the android phone, but when you open your Gmail account to download an attachment, you could not do that due to the following reasons.

  • Maybe the attachments allow unverified scripts, making it unable to confirm the extension is safe to open. It happens due to malicious software installed on your android.
  • Some e-mails contain Encrypted attachments that need a password before opening the attachments.

What to do when you cannot download attachments and see warning messages?

When you receive a warning message on opening an attachment, there may be a virus in the attachment, so do not open the file. Only open the file when the sender is a trusted person and your close friend.

Final Thoughts:

Gmail is one of popular E-mail platform which helps people to manage their business. It provides an excellent communication source for people to interact with each other. But sometimes due to carelessness of the sender can cause trouble. For example, a sender unintentionally applied the restriction on the attachment’s opening, or he forgets to attach the file, but without confirmation, he insists that he attached the file. We have provided you the right information about such problems in the above content for your help.