Speed Stick Fresh Scent Gel Deodorant- Furniture Cleaner and Lemons?

A world without deodorant would be a scary place. I can only imagine that it would like something resembling Stephen King’s “The Stand,” with an apocolyptic battle that would be defined by whoever had the least amount of stench. All deodorants unfortunately are not created equally, and the old adage of “you get what you pay for” makes sense sometimes. Yet it’s not always right, as Speed Stick by Mennen manufactures some fine products. Some of them are much better than deodorant sticks ten times their cost, read more from here. Unfortunately, their Fresh Scent is a “real stinker,” and I will not be purchasing it ever again.

Furniture Cleaner

Would you sink your champers right into a lemon? How about gargling with furniture cleaner with a pine scent, and then putting your molars around an Irish Spring soap bar? Some of these scents are okay, but combining them is absolutely atrocious. Yet that is what you are getting with the Fresh Scent, which would be more aptly described as “the trifecta from hell.” This is without a doubt one of the most stagnant, bug spray smelling deodorant that I’ve ever put on. It has such a sweet aroma to it that it should not be considered masculine, and it should be left on a store shelf instead of purchasing it in the first place.

The green colored container is appealing enough, and the knob operation is simple. All you have to do is remove the foil top, spin the knob, and it will dispense the gel through the holes up top. You won’t get too much of it and its simple enough to spread under your armpits, whether they are dry or loaded down with puddles of sweat. This scent is effective against sweat in either prevention or post maintenance modes, but it’s not much of an improvement over “eau de locker room.” Its sweet, feminine type of scent along with the poor combinations of notes, make it a product that probably won’t be around for much longer. It’s a total disaster from Mennen, who should be ashamed of releasing such an inferior product.

Do you want cologne to wear with this? The only one that makes sense is Brut by Faberge, aka “what we used to wear in middle school back in the day.” It’s so strong that it is going to clash with any premium cologne, and due to the level of alcohol, I did notice a bit of irritation and burning sensation. A shame that this product fails to deliver, even at its reasonable $2.50-$3.00 per three ounce size cost. Yet you could do better with a generic dollar brand deodorant stick, as I will never use this again. Its active ingredients include aluminum zirconium, and Tetrachlorohydrex gly 18%. It’s available at drugstores and online, and would be a fine gift for someone you don’t like, or if you are trying to sabotage friend’s chances with that “hot chick you are trying to date.”