U.S. Car Sales Up in August Due to Cash for Cluckers Program

Incentive Program Boast American Car Sales

Cash for Clunkers may seem too good to be true but thousands of Americans took advantage of the scheme in August. Car sales reports have confirmed an increase in sales figures compared to the month of July. The rise in car sales in America has made it the better sale month witnessed in a long time. This is still the most substantial sales figures seen since more than one year ago. Nonetheless, it is a move in the right direction for the auto industry. Overall, car makers like Chrysler Group LLC and General Motors are reporting sales increases more than anticipated, more helpful hints. Chrysler Group LLC has overall experienced a 15-per-cent drop in sales from last years.

While General Motors continued to experience low August sales which were down as much as 20 percent in contrast to August 2008. In spite of the decline the figures were nevertheless up by 30 per cent from July. The increase in sale are directly due to the cash for clunkers scheme as payments for clunkers went towards the purchase of the new car sold in August. Ultimately, August was a good month for those looking to buy a new car. Those able to take advantage of the rules and regulations involved made a substantial savings on their purchase through the Cash for Clunkers Law of as much as $3,500 to $4,500.

Incentive Program Boast American Car Sales

The scheme that was set to accomplish many great and marvelous deeds for those looking to kill two birds with one stone in making a new car purchase has run out of money stateside. While the US cash for clunkers scheme has ended in August 2009, cash for clunkers is still going strong in Europe. European potential new car buyers are also lining up to take full advantage while they can. Car sales are said to be on the rise and rise since the introduction of cash for clunkers scheme. The German auto industry is one of the booming car sales nations in Europe experiencing a 40% rise in car sales in March 2009.

This is an enormous turnaround from the dismal sales of March 2008. The European cash for clunkers scheme as created a sort of “shopping frenzy” for the otherwise struggling economy of Europe. America on the other hand has experienced as low as a 37% drop in car sales in July month alone. The trend to buy in Europe is great news for car makers and car consumers alike. The winning factor is undeniably brought in the buyer and the clunkers.