Why Does my Security Camera Flicker at Night

Are you facing flickering issues with your security camera and wondering why does my security camera flicker at night?

Due to the advancement in technology, we can easily have live footage of our place or ensure its safety. Surveillance cameras play an essential role in the security of your home or workplace. Thus, they are one of the most worthy security assets.

Sometimes, your security camera starts flickering at night. It is a threat to your security because it can stop your live feed. Also, it can increase your stress for your valuable assets.

Try to find the issues of why your camera’s feed flicker and solve the problem. Here are some reasons why your security camera flickers at night? These will help you in finding and resolving the issues or you may visit at https://www.maxsol.com.au/. Also, your home or workplace became safer from criminal activity.

Damaged cable connections:

Damaged cable connections

It is one of the common causes of flickering. Mostly, cables or wires became damaged from outside due to weather or any other reason. Because exposed wires corrode quickly, it can cause transmission or power issues.

Therefore, try to check all your connections that either damage your cables or not. For the safety of wires, install your outdoor connection cables in a weatherproof box. It will prevent cable connections from any damage.

Power issues:

If you are facing flickering issues with your security camera, you should check your power connection. Because getting less or complete loss of power can damage your device or cause flickering images at night.

Furthermore, night security cameras use infrared lights for a clearer image in dim light. These lights required more power to operate. So, if they are not getting the correct amount of power supply, they can flicker at night.

Old equipment:

Old equipment

The older your equipment is, the lower the performance will be. Security cameras have a limited life span. If your equipment has crossed that line, you will likely face issues like flickering images.

Check the cable connections and power connections thoroughly. If they are alright, then you need to buy a new security camera for yourself.

Faulty equipment:

Sometimes, it happens that there is some issue in manufacturing or with equipment. If you face the flickering issue in your new camera, you have purchased the one with fault. Therefore, do contact the seller or installer and fix the issues, or you can exchange your camera too.

Changing light conditions:

Changing light conditions

As we mentioned earlier, security cameras use infrared lights to capture in dim light. Sometimes, it happens that headlights of cars, etc. wreak havoc on your camera system.

Those high-resolution lights cause the camera to adjust to normal light automatically. That’s why the whole process causes flickering in the image.

See your video with a focus that on which part flickering is more. Also, adjust your camera to that angle where those lights can’t disturb the security camera’s performance.

Final thoughts:

As you have gone through the reasons that cause flickering in your security camera, you probably get your answer: Why does my security camera flicker at night? These are the most common causes that can be identified easily by yourself.