How to Waterproof a Tent?

Whenever you are planning for some camping, outdoor adventures, and tracking then you can easily face a lot of issues due to bad weather conditions. Some destinations can show that there will be the sunshine the entire day but no one can easily say that when will the rain come. At the time, when the rain is coming in buckets, you will feel frustrated and irritated. Your camping tent could become wet and soaked. As a result, your entire camping experience can be spoiled without any doubt. All these situations need some tents that are totally waterproof. How you can make tents waterproof? If you really want to find the best answers of this same question then you will have to read the following paragraphs of this same article.

How to Waterproof a Tent

The most reliable ways to waterproof a tent

Now, after discussing something called basic about the camping and the issues that you can face because of bad weather conditions, you will want to check how to make tents waterproof. You can use the following ideas to waterproof a tent:

Apply seam sealer

To keep dampness away from your tents, the idea of applying seam sealer can become the best especially when you have selected the best or most dry days to apply it. If the water is leaking through your tents more and more then you will have to apply seam sealer as soon as possible.

Urethane coatings

On the floor of your tents, if you have watched flaking like thing more than one should understand that this is maybe the ideal time to apply a new urethane coating. Rubbing alcohol will be used throughout this process so make sure you have the additional items. In order to apply these kinds of coatings, ensure that your tent floor is kept flat.

Durable water repellent

Durable water repellent (DWR)

The idea of applying durable water repellent or DWR can become the most reliable and excellent ways for you to make your tents waterproof within some really quick time. DWR coating can waterproof your tents as it will stop the rainwater or water to come inside your tents via anyways.  

Clean all of the parts of tents

This is one of the most ordinary ideas that one should always use for waterproofing the tents. After applying different types of coating, you should clean all of the parts of your tents without asking anyone else. By doing this simple thing, you can make sure that your tent is totally waterproof and is ready to face rainwater.

Select a warm and dry daytime

In order to make sure that all these upper listed ideas would work effectively, you will have to select a warm and dry day or daytime. This can help you to dry up the coated parts with the help of warm weather conditions.

Leave all parts to dry

In the end, you should leave all the repaired parts of your tents to dry. These upper listed ideas will be enough to understand that it is very easy to waterproof tents within some really quick time and limited frustrations.