How to Unlock a Car Door with Power Locks

Power door locks are common to use in modern vehicles. These power door locks make things easy for the driver to lock and unlock all the doors simultaneously.

You can also lock and unlock all the car doors with the use of remotes. Sometimes, we locked our key inside while going shopping and lost our remote in the market.

At that time, we got confused and tried different fool things in a hurry. We hire some locksmith services to break the door lock and spend a lot of money on door lock replacement and locksmith services.

Why do you not try some simple, free, and safe ways to unlock the car door lock?

What are the ideas to unlock a car door with power locks?

What are the ideas to unlock a car door with power locks

We have researched and found some simple but unique ideas for you; try these simple methods when you mistakenly lock your power door car locked.

First Idea:

If it happens to you then, be calm and check all the doors of your car. It sometimes happens that anyone’s door remains to unlock while we lock them with a power lock.

Sometimes a passenger leaves the door to unlock, so; it is a better idea first to check all the car doors.

Second Idea:

The second option is that think about do you have a spare key at home or with you? It is a better idea to keep a spare key, but we can’t keep the key always with us.

Do you not have a spare key? Now think about the spare remote, you have a spare remote, but it is at home? No worry, a spare remote at home can also help you to unlock the power door lock.

Call someone at home and ask him, take the car remotely and keep it near the mobile, on the other end you also take your mobile close the door. Now ask that person to press the unlock button; it will unlock your power door lock.

Car Door Power Locks

Third Idea:

Now use the traditional way to unlock the power car door lock, take a wire coat hanger, and bend it by keeping its hook on the end bent.

Now at the far left upper corner, thread the wire inside the door from the rubber seal. Start pushing it down until it reaches the lock button; when ensures push it, the power door lock will unlock.

Fourth Idea:

If you do not have anything to try the above ideas, call Jacksonville FL locksmith; he will unlock the car door with a power lock.

But you will need to replace the lock after that, and you will also need to pay the cost to the locksmith.

Final Thoughts:

Do not break your valuable car door locks, and try some simple ways to get out of that situation. Power locks are more flexible to get in your car when you lost or forget keys inside or lost remote rather than other car door locks.