How to Lubricate a Commercial Door Lock?

The commercial door lock means that it is mainly used for the purpose of office, school, colleges, and other work area. The work areas are mostly used the commercial door lock rather than the residential door lock, because the commercial door lock is safer and easy to use and has a capable for long living. This is because in work areas many people will come, so that for every opening it has to still remain constant and safe. So, that only people without minding the cost they fit the commercial door for their work stations.

The commercial door lock can be lubricating after using the door for several years. The lubricating the commercial door lock means that the one have to service the door lock after several uses to remove the dust and unwanted things that are available in the lock at If not cleaning the lock after several uses, it will not work as it was work in starting and not easy to use as it will trouble to the door. So, it is better to clean the commercial door lock after the usage of several years.

Way to lubricate the commercial door lock:

Way to lubricate the commercial door lock

The commercial door lock is high in cost but it is more worth for the money as it has more stability to use, along with that constant maintenance can make the commercial door to be withstood for more years. There are so many ways to lubricate the commercial door lock. The lubricating the lock means cleaning the door lock with some lubricant oil, note it should not be a normal oil as in turn it might cause a problem to the door. As, it should be clean with only the lubricant oil as there are many branded and trusted lubricant oil available to clean the commercial door lock.

The commercial door lock is first clean the dust from the lock using any dust sucker device the dust cleaned, then we have to remove the bolts from the upper part or outside part of the lock and also to clean the dust from that bolt as well. Then by using a duplicate key remove the lock from the door, and clean all those parts with the same efficient lubricant oil until the dust stick in the bolt and the lock disappear from it. The same thing is to be followed for cleaning the excess dust in the sides of the door and in the lock cylinder. After dusting from the bolts and the lock, rearrange the parts to fit by checking the lock cylinder is placed correctly and then fit the lock with the bolts using a duplicate key.

Then check the all the bolts fit properly and using the duplicate key check whether it work properly after cleaning the dust with a lubricant oil. By using the graphite powder also for lubricating the commercial door lock it has more effective, as it was followed by most of the work station people who fit the commercial door lock. By lubricating the commercial door lock with the lubricant oil, it will work for more years.