What Should You Consider When Building a Wood Countertop?

Do you want wood countertops? Firstly, you need to find out what wood is best and which wood types are the most popular in Houston city. There are many different wood type that you could use for your wood countertops. Just be sure to plan, and you should have a wood countertop that will last for many years.

Things to Consider When Building a Wood Countertop:

What Type of Wood Do You Want?

There are three wood types in Houston city that you can use like Hickory wood, oak wood, and pine wood. Each wood type has its own unique strength and durability characteristics. Let’s see the differences of these wood types:

1. Hickory Wood

Hickory wood is a very strong wood compared to other wood types and it will never break while in use even with prolonged heavy load. Also, this wood has the character of excellence since it can tolerate any condition or weather such as rain or snow without changing its shape or color. However, you should know that this wood is a little expensive than other wood types. Also, the wood can warp and crack on dry climate condition or with prolonged use of wood.

2. Oak Wood

Oak wood can also be a good option of wood type for wood countertop materials and its characteristics are the same as hickory wood. However, this wood is a little weaker wood compared to hickory wood. So, if you have a limited budget for wood countertop, you can choose this wood type.

3. Pine Wood

Pine wood is also a good wood type to be wood countertop material. This wood is a cheap wood type and its color can last for years, even it is in wet climatic condition. However, wood countertop made from this wood type will be heavy and can easily break or warp if use it for a long time.

4. Composite Wood

This wood type helps you to save money since it is made from wood waste and recycled wood. Also, this wood type is strong wood, and it becomes more solid wood when humid. However, this wood type has poor quality when you paint it since the paint will peel off easily.

5. Plywood Wood

Plywood wood is the wood made from wood veneer or wood composite and this wood is easy to cut and install. However, this wood type is not strong wood if compare with solid wood so you can use it as wood countertop material is wood countertop weight not too heavy.

6. Other Wood Types in Houston

You can choose other wood types of wood countertop materials for wood countertop. However, wood types like pine wood, synthetic wood and ply wood will be better choice for wood countertop because they are cheap wood types and wood type like oak wood or hickory wood will be better wood for wood countertop since it has excellent durability.

Measuring the Counter Space Carefully

The wood should fit perfectly in the space you have chosen to put it in, so before drawing out your hardwood plan, make sure you measure the space properly. You’ll need to pay attention to how wide and deep the wood is too. If there’s a lot of extra space left over after measuring for size and depth then consider cutting more wood to use so that the wood fits better. Don’t leave any gaps though, wood countertops should come together nicely when you layout all of your wood on top of each other.


The wood countertops we install by AD Traditions are made of solid wood such as oak, cherry, maple, and mahogany that has been sanded to have a polished finish. We offer wood countertops in several thicknesses from 1/2″ to 2″. Many types of wood countertops are available for buyers. The type of wood that you select will make a difference in the look of your kitchen and the installation process. We’ll help you pick out the perfect wood countertop for your needs.